#0003 Are YOU doing too much?

Probably the most common issue I see with business owners is they take on too much responsibility in the day to day running of their business. Often necessary when you are starting out but should not be plan going forward.

“Nobody does it as well as I can” they all say.

All well and good but what happens when you can’t be there, you’re sick, you want to go on holidays, you get busy…

The true value in a business is if it will run just as well without you.

Here are a few simple steps to help you achieve this.

  1. Break up your business into major areas such as Sales, Finance, Admin etc
  2. Create a process map for each of these sections so that you (or anyone reading it) can follow it.
  3. Now look at each of the sections of your process map and observe and document how you do it now.
  4. Look at your self documentation and objectively determine if there are any improvements that can be achieved.
  5. Now test the document and see if it works (you do it)
  6. Now hand it to someone else and see if it still works, preferably someone who has never done that process before.

Test the process, measure the results, refine and test again and ultimately LET GO.

Once you get the hang of letting go, also known as delegation, you and your business will prosper.

What’s your biggest barrier to letting go?

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