#0099 Do What You LOVE

Life’s short, so why waste it doing stuff you HATE when you can do so much better doing what you LOVE.

Think about it, are you more likely to put in a bigger EFFORT on something you hate or something you love? No brainer right? Then why are there sooo many people MISERABLE in their work?

DO something about it! NO EXCUSES!

You make CHOICES in Life.
You DECIDE which door to go through.
You control your DESTINY.

I know your STUCK in a rut. I know it’s HARD. But you have to take the FIRST steps:

  • Start with the SMALL things.
  • Look for OPPORTUNITIES to nibble at what you want to do.
  • WORK on your dream after hours, on the BUS, on the TOILET, every chance you get.
  • Make TIME (STOP watching TV)
  • PUSH through the lethargy of everyday.
  • Start TODAY.

No-one will HAND it to you. STOP whingeing and START changing.

Success takes Work, Determination, Patience with a little Skill and Tenacity thrown in.

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