#0471 For Meetings Sake

It is excruciating and mostly a waste of time except for the part I came for.

My daughters have been dancing for most of their lives and for more times than I can count I have had the pleasure of watching them perform from the school hall to the Sydney Opera House stage.

A dance routine only goes for a few minutes and they may be in two or three so if we are lucky, we get to watch maybe 10 minutes of our girls. actually dancing.

The less fun part is enduring every other until ours come and go. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful to see kids of all ages giving it a go, but after hours (sometimes 4 hours) it gets exhausting, uncomfortable and a little frustrating.

I feel the same way about meetings. No-one should be forced to sit through hours of meetings a week when their contribution is a matter of minutes.

Reconsider, who needs to be there, when they could drop in and when they could leave.

Stop wasting everyones time including yours.

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