#0481 Frustrating at First

You must let them do it, even if it is terrible in the beginning.

There are three distinct phases I have gone though as I have taught my kids how to drive.

  • 20% Terrified for my life
  • 70% Edge of my seat stressed out
  • 10% Relief at last

The first two phase are painful, seriously frustrating, and for the most part not great for my blood pressure.

Then at a point in time, usually around the 100 hour mark things change. Something clicks and they gain competence and confidence, joining the micros skills they have learnt I finally get to feel (somewhat) relaxed.

If you find yourself thinking “you may as well do it yourself, it will be better and quicker” then think again.

You must allow your students (staff) the opportunity to work through the pain to get to mastery.

Without it you will never be able to grow your business.

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