#0156 If Not Now, When

Investing is best played as a long game.

Compound interest and time are statistically on your side.

Start as early as you can, put in as much as you can, keep adding when possible and be patient and be strong in the downs as well as the ups.

I’m not talking about monetary wealth here. This is not financial advice. I’m talking about you.

Be curious. Seek clarification. Dig deeper. Learn something new. Talk to others. Write. Listen. Speak. Layer your knowledge. Reference past failures. Learn from them. Try again. Tweak. Be curious some more.

We are at a time where there is an infinite availability of information. Information is no longer power as it’s so freely available to anyone with an internet connection. The real power is what you achieve with the information at your fingertips.

Layer upon layer, now is the time. It’s in your control.

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