#0199 If You Want More

Like it if you like it…

People are scrolling faster than ever and you know you are guilty of this too.

Reading something that is interesting and then moving on is not doing you any favours. There are a few factors at play that you might not realise.

A. The more you indicate that you like something, the more the platform algorithms will learn from those interactions and will then serve more of what you actually like. Benefit to you.

B. The author of said content gets an indication of what works and what does not and will then serve you up more of the good stuff. Benefit to you.

C. The author gets encouraged that the content being produced is hitting the mark and continues to produce and doesn’t get discouraged by the lack of interaction. Benefit to you.

I know, I know, you are busy, but take a moment to like what you want more of and the eco systems gets better over time. Over to you.

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