#0170 Kryptonite

Top 5 worst movies of all time:

Star Wars (without Darth Vader)
Batman (without the Joker)
Silence of the Lambs (without Hannibal Lecter)
Jaws (without the shark)
Rocky IV (without Drago)

They of course would never have been produced because every great story about a hero will always have a villain they have to battle to overcome.

Similarly but maybe not as dramatically, your ideal prospects have a figurative nemesis in their lives. Something that is often a barrier to them achieving their goals. A pain they typically want solved.

Wealth, health and relationships are all great high level categories where you’ll find these problems lurking in the shadows.

Dig a little deeper though to find what’s truly holding them back and you’ll get their attention.

What’s your ideal customers Kryptonite?

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