#0272 Longevity

Every year since 2015 when I had a chunk of my scalp cut out (not fun) to remove a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) I visit my Dermatologist to do a full body skin check.

Stripping down in front of a stranger puts you in a vulnerable position but thankfully my Dr has a calming demeanour and fills in the awkwardness with chit chat about family, work, interests.

Over the years he has got to know me well and what is kind of fun is that each year the conversation seems to kick off right where it left off 12 months before.

Now I know he takes copious notes and not all of it is because he has a great memory but it does make me feel relaxed and assuring like I am in good hands.

Caring about the experiences your clients have in your presence is paramount for longevity.

How do your client feel about your relationship?

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