#0049 Make me Feel WARM Inside

You know that FEELING you get when you see an old friend and they give you a HUG. When you catch a WARM Smile from your Grandma. WHEN your kids say “I Love you Daddy”


That SENSATION is one of the nicest feelings. It’s comfortable, SAFE and familiar.

Bottle that emotion and try and replicate it when you INTERACT with your clients. I’m not suggesting you go around hugging your Customers but I am suggesting you act warm, GENUINE and are seen as trustworthy.

Lose the FAKE smile and disingenuous “Heeellllllooooo My Favourite Client” and replace it with character, EMPATHY and a TRUE desire to please.

People PREFER to buy from other people who they know, LIKE and trust not who they despise and LOATH to be near. If you act, sound, write like a B&^H you probably are a B&^H and no-one really wants to buy from one.

It takes a bit of EFFORT at first (for some) but the rewards will flow. PEOPLE will seek you as your customers share their great experiences with their peers.

Consistency is the KEY. You can’t be nice one day a COW the next.

Go on, BE NICE, it’s so much easier and MUCH more rewarding.


  1. So true…. it instills confidence in the client to see that you are just as excited about their project as they are. Answering every email and phone call reminds them why they picked you to coordinate their job.
    “I love my customers!”

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