#0025 My tools DON’T work

A long time ago a friend of mine was regularly entering bicycle races and at first he kept LOSING. So he’d go back to the bike store and ask to UPGRADE parts to make the bike, faster and lighter.

He went back a NUMBER of times much to the glee of the store owner until one day, after having replaced just about EVERY part of the bike, he ¬†again asked “How do I make this bike go faster?” to which the store owner looked him in the eye and replied;

“Pedal FASTER!”

My friend was in SHOCK at the response but the store owners candidness made him REALISE that he was BLAMING his equipment for his losses and never realised that some of the blame lay on him and his ability.

The tools, software, gizmos you use, whilst do assist you, cannot be expected to do everything for you.

Whilst I am definitely NOT saying you should do everything yourself. Nor am I suggesting YOU have to work harder. It’s just that sometimes its not the tools you use, it’s possibly your ability.

YOU have to use (or improve) your ABILITY and find ways to do it better (faster, cheaper) to WIN the race.

You can’t keep blaming the tools if you’re not putting in the EFFORT yourself.

How are you IMPROVING your ENTREPRENEURIAL abilities?

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  1. This is so true! As human beings we tend to blame everything else other than ourselves. Even when it is so obvious that we ourselves are the problem….
    Well said, jolts me (and probably many others) back to reality.. Step back and look at the situation from a different perspective. Are we putting in our best? Are we ourselves not the problem here?
    I mean you can hardly blame your tools if they are as new as mine are, so obviously the problem is ME!!

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