#0128 Not all massages are great

When you’ve de-robed and lying with your face squished in the hole of the massage table is often the first and last time you get to express what areas you’d like the masseuse to focus on.

A good masseuse uses that information as a starting point and gently begins to discover exactly where those knots are and works on them systematically.  Adapting as she discovers more about your pain points.

A (not so) good masseuse ignores that vital piece of information you provided and just sticks to the routine she has likely performed a thousand times. Plowing through the hour leaving you less than satisfied and nowhere near as relaxed as you had hoped.

Your customers are likely having one or the other experience with you and may leave dissatisfied but you won’t always know. As far as you are concerned, you did your job.

Ask yourself this; am I plowing through ignoring the requests and feedback or am I truely listening with the aim of providing the best experience possible?

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