#0076 Old School SALES

There is often heated DEBATE about what is the most effective Sales Style. Some prefer old school, some NEW age techniques. Some are lost somewhere in-between.

The truth is no one style is SUPERIOR than others, however the ability and the drive of the Sales persons does have a MASSIVE impact.

There’s no DOUBT that Client expectations over the years have changed, however not ALL sales people have changed with it.

The EXECUTION makes all the difference

Here are what I believe to be important DISTINCTIONS between most sales people and the GREAT:

  • Being a Business Person NOT a Sales person.
  • Being able to ARTICULATE the impact your product or service will have on the Business. Especially the Financial and Time benefits.
  • Asking questions DEEPER than your product requires. In other words, can you ask questions deep into the Business that will ENSURE your client gets the promised results.
  • Dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Sales people can no longer be SUPERFICIAL and must be careful, detailed and more professional than ever.
  • Helping the Client even if its nothing to do with THEM.

Great Sales people are the GO TO people when their clients need HELP. No matter the NEED.

Are you that person?

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