#0048 One Step AHEAD

If you can ANTICIPATE what your Customers next need/want is, AND you can provide this to them before they ask, then you have reached the HOLY GRAIL of Customer Service.

It doesn’t have to be HUGE

What a PLEASURE it is when you first arrive at a Hotel and they advise that they have turned down the bed and left a copy of the newspaper you LIKE to read on the lounge. When you walk into your favourite coffee shop and they ask if you want “the USUAL Jewels?” or when my Office Cleaner NOTICES a stain in the carpet, quotes me, asks for approval and then arranges it to be removed, all BEFORE I have to ask.

The more you know and understand your Customer, the EASIER this gets but even if its the first time you have met this person, you should now be EXPERIENCED enough to know what the general needs are of your customer.

The key is to ANTICIPATE and then ACT as if its all part f the customer service they can EXPECT from dealing with you.

So HOW do you know WHAT they may want?

  • ASK them questions along the way that you capture and use.
  • Observe their particular BEHAVIOUR and determine the order in which they normally act.
  • Look at your customers TRENDS.
  • USE your COMMON Sense
  • Ask YOURSELF, what would I want next.

It’s the LITTLE things that will make you stand out from the CROWD and good old Customer SERVICE is often neglected.

Use it to your ADVANTAGE and reduce the NEED for them to shop around.


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