#0095 Progress BEATS Perfection

I know it’s your BABY. I UNDERSTAND you want the best for her. You’ve worked so HARD and the last thing you want is to put something out there that just isn’t right.

I know that FEELING intimately. A single dot point out of place would drive me insane (and sometimes still does) but I have learnt a VALUABLE lesson.

It’s OK to let go.

By holding things close to my chest and EXPECTING nothing short or perfect did little but SLOW me down, decrease my productivity, increase my FRUSTRATION and reduce my ultimate achievements.

By letting GO and aiming for Progress my advancement has been dramatic.

Why don’t you TRY:

  • Delegating MORE of tasks others could do.
  • Give them enough direction but DON’T spend more time explaining the finer detail than necessary.
  • STOP yourself when its good enough and get it out there, you can always refine and improve later.
  • Set SPECIFIC timeframes to complete each task, get as close to completion as you can in that time and then move onto the next task, you can always come back to tidy up.
  • DON’T let small imperfections stress you. Your customers want VALUE for money and will forgive you small deficiencies if their needs are met.

Getting 10 tasks completed at 95% is going to get you MUCH further than completing 2 tasks at 100% in the same timeframe.

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