#0027 Small Steps EVERY Day

People often ask me “How do you do it Jewels? You always seem to get things done” and my response is always the same and often frustratingly SIMPLE.

Take Small Steps EVERY DAY

By achieving LITTLE things but OFTEN, before you know it the once SEEMINGLY daunting tasks suddenly get done.

My list of things to get done, like most people, seems endless.

So here is how I manage it:

  • Have a LONG list of everything you want to achieve.
  • Split that list into Short Medium and Long Term
  • Split those lists into High Medium and Low Priority (now you have 9 lists)
  • Split each task into BITE SIZE chunks.
  • DO at least 1-3 bite size task EACH DAY from a mixture of the lists. More if you can.

Try and do a mix of tasks from all the 9 lists but remember to HAVE A PLAN of when you want to achieve the tasks and focus in on COMPLETION as well.

Step back from you list regularly and RE-EVALUATE priorities.

Set yourself a REWARD for when you complete a major task so you have something to work for. Set the reward size according to the size and IMPACT of the completed task.


Works for me.

What techniques do you use that you could share in the comments?

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