#0452 The True Cost

Thinking back to the simplicity of my parents generation.

They provided a home, food and clothing, one phone, electricity and water, we watched free to air TV, radio in the car and once in a blue moon we traveled somewhere to visit relatives.

The price we now pay for convenience it is no wonder the cost of living has skyrocketed.

Every minute of every day we are consuming like never before on a trajectory that surely is not sustainable.

Everyone wants to provide their children with the things they feel they missed out on and I get that, but when does that cycle stop? When is enough enough?

Rather than more stuff, perhaps we should encourage connection, provide opportunity for experience.

The joy of participating, slowing down and appreciating art, food, music, dance and more hugs. Stopping to smell the flowers.

We can choose to drive change for our kids sake from being consumers to creators, observers to participants.

That would be a future to celebrate.

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