#0460 Turn Off Autopilot

Autopilot is another way to describe habits.

Getting up at a certain time, putting your shoes on a certain way, driving the same route to work.

We form these through our lives as a way to reduce the amount of effort required to think. New ways, new thoughts, new ideas require extra energy particularly for the brain which is wired to conserve it when possible.

As the brain is constantly filtering out the unimportant it is easy for time to pass. Days, weeks and even months can go by if not careful with no progress.

Where and when you consume this extra energy therefore matters and you can plan for it.

Brainstorming, whiteboard sessions, strategy days, coaching, mentoring, deep work are all conscious ways to plan to think, plan to iterate, open your mind to innovation.

If not in your diary on a regular basis, time will disappear with little to show for it.

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