#0102 Write for ONE Person, Attract MANY

I can’t tell you the number of websites I’ve visited, brochures I’ve been handed and presentations I’ve ENDURED. Sadly, a vast majority of them I walk away none the wiser as to WHAT they actually do and whether or not their product service was for me.

Needless to SAY they wasted their effort.

“We are ALL things to ALL people” is what I read. What I think is that they are AVERAGE at a lot of things.

To really get your message across, to catch my attention, to STOP me in my tracks and listen to you, WRITE FOR ME.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Have a SPECIFIC person type in mind when you are writing.
  • AVOID the temptation to talk about everything you can do and just emphasis one.
  • Narrow the NICHE you are aiming at.
  • Have a singleĀ GOAL in mind i.e. WHAT would you like me to do next?
  • Be AUTHENTIC and genuine in your writing.
  • HELP rather than sell.
  • Its about THEM not you.

Any content you produce should be a CONVERSATION that you are having with your Prospect. A Two way conversation that has the potential to change depending on what was last said.

Have a look at your Website, Brochures and Presentations…are they part of a conversation or areĀ YOU shouting from the rooftops?

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