#0105 You are NOT Changing Often Enough

Fast forward three years. Where do you see yourself? What will your day look like? How much money will you have? Will you be happier?

Now rewind three years. If I had of asked you the same questions, would the answers have been the same?

In other words, are you actually getting closer to the life you want to live?

I hate New Years resolutions. It implies that we only get one opportunity a year to make significant changes in our lives and let’s face it, most of us will fail before the end of January and then wait until next year to repeat the same fail cycle.

Change is available to us every day yet we mostly ignore the opportunities that are presented and continue along ourĀ normalpath. Yet if we are not changing, making moves, taking risks, we are not likely to ever get to the goals we set ourselves.

Why are we so afraid of change yet everyone I speak to wants things to be different, to be better, happier, richer, have more time to spend with loved ones, travel.

Stop waiting for the right time, change something today, and again tomorrow.

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