#0112 You Don’t Always Need a Better Bike

Many years ago a friend, then in his 30’s decided to get into amateur triathlons. He bought himself a pretty decent bike and off he went competing. 

Post every couple of triathlons, frustrated at his place in the bike leg he returned to the bike shop and asked to get something upgraded. Lighter rims, better gears, thinner tyres, better chain until the original bike was unrecognisable.

He had money to burn and the shop keeper was happy to oblige. Happy until one day, he looked my friend dead pan in the eyes and said:

“I think you just need to peddle faster”

He was right of course. They had upgraded almost every component and he was still losing even on his pretty damn sweet ride.

As professionals we too can learn from this wise old bike mechanic.

It’s not always the faster PC, the upgraded software package or the tricked up bike that is going to make customers flock your way.

Stop using the excuse that your tools are letting you down.

Master your craft, focus on the elements that will truly make a difference to your customers and that could mean the difference between average and remarkable.

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