#0116 Take the Break

During the school holidays I had the Daddy pleasure of doing a short road-trip with my youngest daughter. One leg of the drive was only three hours long and my daughter managed to fall asleep about an hour in and went into a deep sleep.

Problem was, about 2 hours in I started to feel sleepy and wanted to stop for a break and a coffee. My dilemma was “do I take the break and wake my daughter who needed the sleep or do I push on risking getting too drowsy and putting us both at risk?”

Reflecting back it seems like an easy decision to stop for the safety of us both, but at the time it was a challenging decision.

Both as a parent and in a business context we are often faced with opposing decisions that have associated pro’s and con’s. Do we do what best for others at the expense of yourself or do you do what best for you which often in the long run is better for everyone?

Chances are you are making these decisions constantly. Perhaps it’s time to look at what is best for you too.

Take the break.

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