#0144 We Need Real Leadership

There’s no doubt we are in turbulent, unprecedented times.

The world feels like it is melting down and the rapid change is scaring the ‘bejesus’ out of many. It’s in these times that Real Leadership is needed.

I’m not talking about our politicians, I’m talking about local leadership. Leadership as a parent, as a business owner, as a coach. To those that look to us for guidance, to those who need us the most.

Collectively we need to be part of the solution and avoid being part of the problem, but in times like these we look to leaders to show us the way.

We’ll need to adapt and change much faster than we are used to. And yes, we will have to be willing to make sacrifice.

In any challenging time we see examples of everyday heroes, lending a hand, leading.

We can choose to be fearful, we can choose to shut down, or we can choose to lead.

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