#0143 Why do we Fear Growth?

This morning I watched as a friend posted her first video selfie on Facebook. It was part of a personal growth challenge set by her coach on breaking down barriers.

It was raw and it was evident that she was nervous. But it was like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. She blossomed right in front of my eyes and just in a short 8 minutes I saw her confidence grow. It was beautiful.

It got me thinking though; why do we encourage growth and celebrate it as children right from birth, and yet as adults we fear new challenges? It make us uncomfortable or embarrassed and often leads to blockages that are hard to remove.

At what point did we lose that fear of nothing which turned into fear of everything?

In every stage of our lives we are and should be learning new tricks. Whether that’s taking our first steps as a toddler or posting our first video on Facebook, we need to get that excitement back at new and stop fearing what is often mostly in our head.

What’s the worst that can happen and unless it is (really) dangerous , just give it a go. You might be surprised at just how easy it is and where it might lead.

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