#0146 Do we really have a choice?

You may have noticed, things have changed.

It’s somewhat difficult to comprehend the breadth and depth of the impact this moment in time will have on the planet.

There are many changes being enforced upon us which by no fault of our own, are having huge consequences on our futures, individually and collectively.

We haven’t chosen this path but it is the one we are on.

So the question is, do we really have a choice?

We can sit at home with Netflix and wine, or we can reconnect with old friends on FaceTime.

We can get frustrated at homeschooling our children or we can take the opportunity to understand, participate and guild in their education.

We can wait for the government to bail us out or we can take some precious time to brainstorm and innovate.

We can criticise the new rules or we can play our part.

We can let our minds get the better of us or we can learn a new skill.

Sure, some things are out of our control, but there still are many choices we can make.

Which road will you take?

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