#045 Communicate Inward Too


For someone who works in communication and badgers clients to consistently communicated out to their prospects, I am guilty of not communicating enough to my own clients.

From my perspective, I am very generous with my time. I give way more than I ever charge for. Go that extra mile often even when no-one is looking. I’ll think and do stuff for the client even when I should be turning off for the day. The client often doesn’t even realise the extras they are getting (and thats no good).

The humble me, pats myself on the back and says, great job. I’m not one to brag, and constantly say “look what I just did”

I sleep well knowing that I went over and above, well and truly justifying my fee.

The problem is, when the client then looks just at what is visible (or obvious) to them, it may not always look like you’re providing enough value and then your fees may come into question.

And at that point it has already been stewing in the clients mind for a while and you’ve already lost.

We all know how hard it can be to gain a client, so make sure your communication is consistent and informative so that you both know what is really going on and try and avoid the awkward conversation at the end.

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