#0118 On Sleeping Soundly

On the weekend I was reminded of a business associate who was a big influence on me in the late eighties. (yes, I am that old)

He taught me the power of small changes. How to tweak little things in what you do every day to squeeze more out of things you are already doing.

The lessons I learnt way back then stick with me still today and I continue to share the learnings as little anecdotes, examples of great business process re-engineering.

The stories are sound and I will likely share them with you some day, however I just found out that the reason he disappeared from business life many years ago was greed. 

He did the wrong thing by one of his major clients which ultimately lead to the demise of his reputation, and he just vanished from the business world. 

He tried to take shortcuts to success and it bit him in the arse. It makes me so angry knowing that all the good he had to share was wasted on short term gain. 

What a bloody shame.

FRIENDLY REMINDER IN ALL CAPS: If you would like a long business life. One that might span many decades. One that allows you to sleep at night.

Always, always do the right thing by your customers, employees, partners, suppliers, family and yourself and you might just be around long enough to make a real difference.

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