#0103 Start Writing Today

The key I’m told, to writing well is to write, write, write even if it’s wrong.

A couple of years ago I heard an interview with Ed Sheeran, a popular English musician and have heard similar comments from other musicians and authors, where they say that the prolific early writing, was bad, very bad, but you had to get it out of your system so that you could get to the good writing.

I also follow people like Seth Godin, who must be one of the most consistent bloggers on business and marketing I have ever seen. He writes every day, some times more than once a day and it’s good, really good writing. Worth reading. What he does matters. And in his words “he shows up” and it creates a great deal of trust.

Same goes for you and your stories. To put yourself out there is hard at first, but you will soon see that your story matters. People will read and decide if what you have to say is interesting, and then they will follow and become a fan. Fans will ultimately trust you and one day, may even buy from you.

Your story sells.

It’s not for everyone, and not everyone will become a Rockstar in their chosen field, nor do they need to. But if you show up, and you show up often, there’s every chance you’ll build a tribe of loyal fans.

In short, practice makes perfect (or at least, it will help you get better)

So write, even if you don’t intend publishing it.

Publish it, even if no-one is reading it.

Do it often.

Keep writing.

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