#0013 YOU, ME, Step outside

Yeh I get it, running a business is hard and just keeping up with the day to day is challenging enough.
I’m too busy, I’ve got so much on, I can’t keep up as it is… Sound familiar?

With all that going on are you actually growing as a Business or Entrepreneur?

Take a moment to reflect. Is your rotine today the same as it was a year ago? Are you stuck in a rut? Have any processes changed or been improved lately? Does everyday blur into the next?

Look at any great Entrepreneur today and compare them to their former selves 1,2 or 5 years ago and chances are they have come a long way since then.


Because they push themselves OUTSIDE their comfort zones. They are constantly stepping up to the plate and give it a crack. They try, fail and try again.

My point is, they never stop trying, they are alway pushing the envelope and they are constantly out of their comfort zone.

A truly great Entrepreneur takes calculated risks and extends themselves always and often. To be truly great you MUST take yourself to the next level.

How have you pushed the envelope lately to take you or your company to the next level?

GO ON, step outside your comfort zone, you never know, you might just like it out there…


  1. you are right.
    but sometimes there is so much to do that one has no time left to think.
    and sometiems it seems impossile.
    maybe there should be a specific time weekly to evaluate and make changes.

    1. Zubair, the more impossible it seems the more important it is that you do it. Be careful though, you can’t just make a time each week without doing something about the time you allocate. Try looking at what you do each week and see if there is a quicker way to do the same thing or better still delegate the task to someone else. Once you free up the time, then spend that time wisely ON the business (and you).

      If you don’t first clear the time, it will not work and you will fall back into old habits.

      Cheers for the comment, I appreciate it.

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