#0063 5 Quick Tips to get back SOME Time

If you added up how much time is WASTED in your day, I’m sure you’d be SHOCKED at how much is Wasted vs Productive.

I know from EXPERIENCE that Small Business Owners CRAVE time almost above everything else. It would be AWESOME if we could Clone ourselves but it’s just not possible (yet)

A day ONLY has 24 hours. Alway has, always will.

It’s often the little things that add up to BIG time wasters in any one day, meetings that go LONG, waiting for clients to arrive, travel, FLICKING between email, writing that proposal and answering your phone.

So here are 5 QUICKIES to get back some:

  • STAND up during internal Meetings, I bet they’ll be a lot shorter.
  • Check emails and voicemail TWICE per day. I go the added step and MOSTLY respond to email from my smartphone. I am kinda forced to keep the responses short and sweet.
  • Do common tasks in ONE sitting such as return calls, check emails and bookwork.
  • Make USE of dead time such as waiting for clients, riding the train or in taxis. e.g. Use your smart phone to record voice notes to send to your ASSISTANT to complete, respond to emails or proof read documents.
  • If you write notes, have a SEPARATE notepad for each mindset i.e. one for Sales, a different one for Operations so you don’t waste time flicking through irrelevant material when you are going over your notes.

CONTROL is the Key to Managing your TIME.

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