#0064 HAPPY to Help

Throughout my Business years I have ALWAYS been the type of person that is ‘Happy to Help‘. It is NOT unusual for me to offer my assistance, express my option or have a viewpoint that I’m often all too EAGER to share.

People WILL call me and ask “Can YOU do this? Do you KNOW someone who could? Where’s the BEST place to…? What do you THINK of this Product or Service?

Sometimes it means that I am helping in areas that are NOT directly associated with what my Business does, but I don’t care. In fact, I ENCOURAGE it.

Contact Jewels, he’ll sort it.

What it has made me is the GOTO guy. I’f someone needs something, I’m am often TOP of mind as the FIRST person to contact or RECOMMEND.

WHY am I telling you this? As a Small Business owner, the MAJORITY of my Business has come from those who I have worked with in the past (they often are repeat customers even YEARS after the first encounter) and of course RECOMMENDATIONS.

So as a (long term) Marketing Strategy it has WORKED wonders for me and I highly recommend it for YOU.

A few TIPS:

  • You must be GENUINE.
  • You must be CONSISTENT (forever)
  • You must DELIVER.

But be warned, a life-time of Helping people can be TREMENDOUSLY rewarding.

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