#0350 He Said She Said

Do you remember the last time you played the game “Chinese Whispers” or “Telephone” as it is also known?

In a line of people, the first person whispers a sentence to the next, that person then needs to repeat the sentence word for word. It continues to the end of the line and the last person says the sentence out aloud.

Everyone laughs hysterically as it is usually so far from the original that it no longer makes sense.

Interestingly, if you follow the sentence at each step, each person can recall some but not all and is forced to fill in the gaps. Right from the very first person.

We all have selective hearing so the next time someone shares a piece of information, assume it is already misinformation and you are likely to misinterpret it some more.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story right!!

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