#0113 Lucky Thirteen

I’m curious, are you superstitious?

Many sports people have their lucky shorts, or socks. Religious people have their superstitions and don’t want to upset their God. Others won’t walk under a ladder or are petrified of the prospect of breaking a mirror. The number 13 is also unlucky for some. (note the number of this post)

Luck also creeps into the business world, at least the perception of luck does. I hear “just lucky to be in the right place at the right time”

But what if we can create our own ‘luck’?

How to create your own luck:

  • Grab a goal you have.
  • Work the steps to achieve said goal backwards.
  • Start on step one today.
  • Keep taking each step until you achieve your goal.

And when someone asks you “how did you do it?” you can cheekily respond with “just lucky I guess”.

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