#0114 The Robots are Coming

We are all doomed as the world is taken over by robots.

I wonder if people thought that when cars were taking over horses or when factories churned out cutlery faster than the local blacksmith.

Hearing people say “our kids just google everything” or “the next generation won’t be able to calculate anything in their head”. It frustrates me.

If you think this way perhaps you should keep hold of your encyclopaedia rather than use Google too. It’s just archaic.

Instead, embrace progress and look for ways we use it to improve your life.

Map, Document, Automate

As professionals there are many things you can do to streamline your days that can impact how you work and the service you provide.

Many people I talk to are still ‘old school’ and almost everything they do is still very manual. If that sounds like you, here are a few simple examples to get you started.

  • Create templates for common to-do’s for things like lead generation, managing your pipeline and client on boarding. Make them repeatable.
  • Use these templates to create a process map that you can follow, tweak, test and re-tweak. By mapping out your common processes, you then have the opportunity to hand it over for someone else to do (just the way you like to do it). Doing so enables easier delegation and consistent output.
  • Take these process maps and setup simple automation via a platform. For example automatically send 3x helpful tips each week for a month to new clients to answer new starter FAQ’s. It will not only help them settle into your services but it may also stop repeat questions being asked saving you time as well.

Start simple and continue to map out, test and then automate and you could end up a productivity machine and maybe join the 21st century when you are ready.

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