#0015 Pay LESS for your Marketing

Are you spending all of your time (and Money) at the initial stages of prospect engagement?
Did you hire an (expensive) gun Sales person that sits on the phone making cold calls?
Do you do everything in your power to get in front of people only to find you’ve wasted your time?

Welcome to the majority..

You see the problem is, we spend so much time, effort and COLD HARD CASH in the early phases of marketing and then fall short when it really matters, CLOSING THE DEAL.

A more productive technique is to find ways to lessen the PER HIT COST in the early stages and increase that cost as propects progress through your sales funnel.

Here are some examples:

  • Have a DECENT WEBSITE that tells a good story of why you are in business, what your do and how you do it better than others. “If your business is not currently online, GET ON, otherwise you are MISSING OUT”
  • DRIVE TRAFFIC to your site, google ads, links in your email footer, on your business cards, post on forums, from your blog etc.
  • When they are there, encourage them to OPT INTO getting something from you in exchange for their name and email, whitepaper, newsletter, video etc.
  • Email them USEFUL information such as white-papers, case studies, success stories, blog posts, videos, etc all the while EDUCATING them about your abilities to HELP them.
  • Find a way to get them to PARTICIPATE in surveys, forums, competitions or voting etc.
  • RATE your subscribers according to their participation, the more they do the higher they rate.

The beauty of this type of technique is that the majority of the interation can be (must be) automated and it is infinately scalable.

When they reach a desired amount of points of interaction, its now time to start the human contact, but guess what, they are now highly educated and very warm prospects.

Wouldn’t you rather speak to 10 of these types of peopects a month rather then cold calling 500?

Work out a method for your business to spend less resources up front but at a higher volume and more where it counts, YOU WILL improve your conversion.

What techniques have you tried to warm up your audience? Have they worked?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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