#0016 You get WHAT you GIVE

Did you employ someone and throw them into the DEEP END?
Do you expect your employees to use their COMMON SENSE?
Do you expect them to do it just the way YOU LIKE?

You’re delusional and normal.

We are so busy working that when we employ someone we often throw them in the deep end and expect that everything will work out just fine, all too often to be disappointed in the results.

You’ll get back what you put into an employee and often in multiples.

Firstly, your employees are NOT YOU and don’t ever expect them to be. They are their own person however, the more you guide and foster behaviour, the more controlled the output will be.


Here are a few things you could do with every new employee that starts with your organisation:

  1. Get all that info out of your head and create processes. Keep it simple and improve it as it gets used. Better still, get your new employee to test and improve the bullet point processes you wrote.
  2. Set the example and emulate what you expect for your employees, i.e. be punctual, be courteous, be respectful.
  3. Set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure them against on a regular basis.
  4. Have regular one on one’s with them to keep abreast of whats going on, what their concerns may be and identify areas they may need help on.
  5. Give your employees responsibilities and keep them accountable to them.
  6. Ask for their input, ideas and feedback. You never know what might come out.
  7. Let go a little and let them be themselves but still hold the reins if you need to haul them in a little.

The more effort you put in up front and ongoing, the better the ultimate outcome for you and for them.

Do you have the Employees you Deserve?

What are some other techniques you use to Lead your Employees? Please leave your comments below.


  1. It is so true that in order to get followers you must lead. How many people shrink away from leadership as they don’t want to spend time understanding how true leadership is developed. I recently have been enjoying a leadership program from Klemmer. If we would spend more time out of our head and into a supportive system we could get that give and take relationship instead of the sole leadership. I think everyone has leadership within them they just have to develop it. I know everyone can’t be the leader all the time but as least they can give their best shot at what they do in life.

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