#0106 Single Audience, Singular Intent

Most of us experience a lot of content…sooo much content. It can be overwhelming at times and it’s natural for us to filter what we read and what we don’t mainly in the interests of time or focus.

Social Media is leading us down a path of micro content, short points as we believe everyone’s attention span is getting shorter.

The reality is, there is a correlation in how much we will read depending on what is striking a cord with us. If it is interesting, compelling, relevant we tend to read more of an article, no matter the length. So length is not always a guide.

When deciding what to write, what is more important is who do you want to read your content, followed by what do you want them to do with the information presented.

So there are a few things to keep in mind when writing:

  • Who are you writing for? Narrow down your audience as it is much easier to write for one type of person than to try and write for everyone.
  • What do you want them to do? Content should do at least one of the these, resonate, remark, act. If you can achieve all three, you are doing well, but at least one is important.
  • Have a singular focus. Too many pieces try and introduce an idea, show you how to solve something, and then sell it to you all in one swoop. Pick one of these, leave the rest for another article. 

By reducing the audience you are writing for and focusing in a singular intent, you increase your chances of getting read and ultimately attracting an audience who will act.

Keep writing.

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