#0120 You might be tying your shoelaces incorrectly

As a child, we were all taught how to tie our shoelaces often by our parents. Today you are likely tying them automatically each time you put your shoes on and if asked, you probably can’t even describe how, you just do.

But have you ever noticed that some people shoelaces often come undone where others seem to stay put? Turns out there is more than one way to tie a shoelace and some just work better than others.

Even so, try asking someone to re-learn their childhood method, the way they have always done it. Good luck.

I hear the same thing in business. “We’ve always done it that way” and often no-one can articulate why, they just do it that way.

Turn off your autopilot occasionally and assess how many shoelace procedures you might have in your daily life and if they are tripping you over or holding tight.

There’s usually a better way, you just need to be open to the change.

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