#0164 Happy 100th

Cast your mind forward with me for a moment.

On your 36,525th morning on this earth and you have a small skip in your step as you go out to check the mail. Yes, people still send mail in the future. Amongst many other cards of well wishes is a letter from King William wishing you a happy birthday. You had made it, a Centanarian.

On the evening of your 100th Birthday, you are seated in your favourite chair and there’s a gentle murmur of chit chat as the small gathering around you enjoy pre-dinner drinks.

The gathering quiets down as the grandson of a dear friend calls for a toast. Remembering him as a boy you would sit all the kids down and tell them stories of years gone by. They would sit there memorised as you weaved tale after tale about your younger years.

That boy is all grown up now and an accomplished journalist who has spent a considerable amount of time with you over the last couple of years doing research. Research for his new book, a biography, your biography.

He presents you with the first edition and hands everyone a first release copy.

With tears of gratitude you open to the first page.

How would this book read? What would it say? How would it make people feel?

The good news is, part of it is already written. The better news is you still have the opportunity to shape the narrative from here on.

If you are reading this you are likely between the ages of 20 and 60. Which means you have a whole lot of chapters to come.

Be the author of your own life, it’s never too late.

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