#0163 The Feeling of Leadership

Simon Sinek famously talks about finding your “WHY” Within that he also talks about “How it makes you feel

The same can be said for great leadership.

It is necessary to communicate your vision, your why. It is important to lead by example. It is essential to embody what you say with what you do demonstrable and easily articulated through your values. But it is critical be self-aware enough to understand how you affect people.

How do you (think) you make your staff, clients, prospects and partners feel?

Appreciated, inspired, comfortable, grateful, loyal, safe?

Stressed, on-edge, underwhelmed, uninspired, fearful?

Which of these versions do you think leads to innovation, excellence, growth, longevity, opportunities, sustainability?

Ultimately attracting humans who want to work for, work with, be inspired by and buy from humans.

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