#0165 Yes But Where?

So you’ve made the decision to be more visible online but you are stuck at the juncture of which is the best platform to be on and the overwhelm of trying to be on them all is debilitating.

A couple of questions if I may…

Who do you want to talk to and get responses from?
Where might they hang out online?
What medium do you feel most comfortable in? i.e. writing or being on camera.
How much time are you willing to commit (daily/weekly) and for the long term?
Do you have any additional support like an assistant or a marketing team?

If you work through these questions and be honest with your responses I think you’ll find the answer relatively obvious.

Be warned:

This IS a long term commitment.
Don’t spread yourself too thin.
Consider the “all eggs in one basket” dilemma.
It’s OK that no-one is watching, liking and commenting at first.
Start simple and build up your stamina over time.
Frequency and consistency trumps perfection.
Not everyone is going to agree.
Learn from others journey and not where they are now.
Have a plan but be willing to adapt or even pivot.

Most importantly, just get started and enjoy the experience.

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