#0109 How to easily create a TON of content

Most people I speak to cringe at the very thought of having to create content to drive interaction with their audience. It doesn’t come natural to most people and some even fear it, a little like public speaking. I can see it in their eyes as the colour drains from their faces.

The reality is that it can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead.

The good news is, you are probably already creating usable content, you just don’t realise the value of the things you already do. Content is often hiding in plain sight, you just need to know what to look for.

Here’s an example of content that you might already be creating.

As a business you likely interact with your clients and prospects with a presentation of an idea or proposal, yes? Within that presentation you are likely to go through the pro’s and cons, the options, the problems you might face and maybe even examples of what other people you have helped have done.

Right there I can spot at least 3 pieces of content:

  1. Pro’s and Con’s of…
  2. Problems you might face
  3. Case Study

Great, so now what.

Well from here you could publish, 3 long form whitepapers of each of these subjects.

Then, pull 3 points from each of these whitepapers and create short snippets for social media that points back to the main content.

Wait for interaction and listen to what the audience reacts to.

Lets say in whitepaper 1, you create 3 snippets that go out to social media and one of those snippets gets a bunch of likes more than the other 2.

Use that knowledge, and write another long form paper or blog going deeper into that idea. Then from that you write 3 snippets for social media again.

  • 1 presentation
  • 3 whitepapers
  • 9 snippets
  • 3 more blogs
  • 9 more snippets

THAT’S 25 pieces of content from something you already have.

Not to mention, recording yourself presenting it and posting it to YouTube, taking the audio and creating a podcast. And what about memes, images etc that you can keep distributing.

You’re sitting on sooo much content, you just didn’t see it.

Keep writing

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