#0033 Is your Garden PRESENTABLE?

If you were to sell your Family home, one of the first things the agent will tell you to do is to TIDY up the front garden, plant some blooming flowers and generally make the house have street APPEAL.


The reason for this is that MANY people will make a go, NO-GO decision solely based on their first impression. Many people will do a drive by and not come in because the house lacked street appeal. Often WITHOUT you even knowing.

How MANY potential clients are you LOSING because your Business has NO street appeal?

What you may not REALISE is that many people have already chosen NOT to do business with you based on what your first impression was of you or your company. This is true whether you are a sole trader, a retail outlet or an office based company with staff members.

Have a think about the FIRST interaction your potential clients will have with you and insure that it SHOUTS Street Appeal

  • Do you LOOK Professional?
  • What does your WEBSITE say about you?
  • Is the phone number listed a mobile or does a receptionist ANSWER the calls?
  • Is your shop/office/warehouse/meeting place clean, tidy and PROFESSIONAL?
  • Do you speak, act and dress APPROPRIATELY?
  • Are you RESPECTFUL, courteous, and mindful?

These apply to you and your staff.

Don’t let your hard found PROSPECT get away just because you were too lazy to cut the lawn.

WHAT impression would you leave on me if I were to meet you for the first time?


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