#0032 The Marketing Landscape has CHANGED

Go back just 5 years ago and try and remember what WAS available to you to get your MESSAGE out there; Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Website, Magazines most of which would cost you a small FORTUNE to be a part of and the ROI was/is always questionable.

Fast forward to today and LOOK what we have now.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, WordPress and many more.

My goal for this website is to SHARE my 22 years of Small Business experience with as many Entrepreneurs (GLOBALLY) that I could reach.

HOW would I have done that in the old days, run an ad in every major newspaper in the world, NOT LIKELY.

How DID you get to this site? Chances are you didn’t see it in a magazine or in the Yellow Pages but most LIKELY via Twitter, Facebook or Google.

My Question to you is:

HOW are you taking advantage of the changing Marketing Landscape to BUILD your Business?

A few TIPS before you go out and spend a lot of time on these new mediums:

  • Who is your intended AUDIENCE?
  • Where would they NATURALLY hang out?
  • What do they WANT to know about?
  • Put a STRATEGY together so you have a PLAN to follow.
  • Set aside TIME to use these mediums on a consistent basis.

USE this change in the landscape as an OPPORTUNITY to drive people to you and your BRAND.

I’m curious, how DID you get to this site? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I found your site while surfing through STUMBLEUPON… that was hit and miss… but glad that I landed here…

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