#0042 Learn from Other Peoples MISTAKES

or better still, learn from their SUCCESSES.

Life is WAY too short to learn just from your own mistakes so as part of the CIRCLE of learning why not take a look around you to see what hints you can pick up.

Learn FAST and learn OFTEN

There are so many sources of learning, many of which are RIGHT in front of your face but you may not realise it. Here are just a few:

  • Your Parents – you can usually get lots of great hints and tips of what has made them successful (and sometimes not so successful if you dig a little). WEALTH and Asset growth¬†is an area to observe.
  • Your Children – if you watch your children grow, you can often see what works and what doesn’t. What INFLUENCES them and what repels them. Often great insight for sales and negotiation techniques.
  • Your Competition – What are they selling, for what price. What are they doing different to you. A great place to look for GROWTH strategies.
  • Your Friends – What keeps them together, what makes them drift apart. Why are you closer to some more than others. Great lessons on Social influences and COMMUNICATION. Relate this with how you communicate to your clients and what keeps some coming back and others move on.

There are plenty of FREE life lesson out there, you just need to know how to OBSERVE.

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