#0211 Mindset Choices

I cannot deny it had been a tough week bedridden in hospital for 7 days and counting with my third disc herniation in my lower back in the last decade.

All that got trumped on Tuesday when my dear 91 year ole Mother passed away and is 1500km from my current location.

Putting those together means that I am in no condition to travel to attend the funeral.

Add that to losing my Brother to Pancreatic Cancer and my Sister-in-law to Leukaemia whilst dealing with the joys of the Pandemic it has been a pretty tough few years to say the least.

Now it would be super easy to slip into a state and “why me” “why now” “FTW” but I know full well that will not change the circumstances.

Instead as I lay here I feel blessed to have had a loving Mother for as long as I did. She was the heartbeat of our family and touched many peoples lives evident by the heartwarming tributes I have received in the last couple of days. An innings well played and should be celebrated.

I have also been been given the gift of time (when not in an opioid induced state) to think about what is important in life and what my priorities are.

It has enhanced my perspective, purpose, resilience.

I am honoured to have a close cohort who offer unconditional support from which I draw strength, you know who you are, thank you.

Whilst my body might be letting me down right now I am in a good mental place, a place I am working on every day, and for that I am grateful.

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