#0210 Give it a Go

I am an experimental gardener.

By that I mean I continually try things with the experience and expectation that many things will not work.

Transplant out of season, mix of plants that do not traditionally go together, less water than recommended and even though many fail, the ones that survive tend to thrive.

Best of all, over time with enough patience, my garden overall looks pretty nice. Not perfect and never complete and I am OK with that.

A resilient garden is just like a resilient business. Put in the effort to find the things that work even after many things have failed and the rewards outweigh the mini setbacks along the way.

Every garden is different and so is every business but the common elements of a good one is a healthy mix of patience, resilience, sunny and rainy days, effort, time and trial and error.

What seeds are you sowing today?

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