#0153 One Thing Leads to Another

Too busy…

Too busy to make that call. Too busy write that blog. Too busy to start that project. Too busy to finish that project. Just too damn busy!!

We start a task, it leads to another, then distracted by YouTube and then Facebook but we didn’t finish the first task and before we know it…. the day is over and the cycle starts again tomorrow.

It is super easy to be busy, fill every moment of the day with stuff. Often however, when we look back on the day it can be hard to articulate what we achieved. Worse still, look back a month, quarter or year and still being unable to list out the achievements.

Some call it procrastination, some call it avoidance.

What might be lacking is the ability to stand back, look at the big picture and prioritise the tasks that move the needle towards the goals. Daily, weekly, monthly. Maybe even multiple times a day to keep yourself on track, accountable, productive. As often as it takes.


Stop the busy for the sake of being busy and replace it with productive work. Work that moves the needle and hopefully moves you.

Oh, and along the way, don’t forget to stop and smell the daisies.

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