#0154 Get the Crap out of the Way

Songwriters, Comedians, Poets, Authors, Actors all do it.

I’m doing it right now.

No-one and I mean no-one can say that the first piece of content they produced was any good. Or for the matter the first 10, 50, 100. Most would describe their early work as cringeworthy, but that’s OK.

Those who succeed don’t let that stop them from producing because they understand that in any craft it’s about practice and more practice and not letting the fear stop them from getting the crap out in order to get to the good.

In business, successful leaders are thought leaders. They are visible. They are producers because they too know that in order to succeed, they need to be visible.

I’ve met many brilliant minds in business that are effectively the best kept secrets in their industry and what a shame that is.

If they could only push through the fear and become more visible, they, their business and the world around them would be better for it.

What’s stopping you from getting out there, sharing what you know beyond your immediate circle of influence for the common good?

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