#0111 Trust is Hard to Earn but Worth It

Every business spends an enormous amount of energy trying to get customers. Customers that if treated well will often remain customers for long periods of time.

Yet we quickly erode the lifetime value of each one by not focussing on the little things that build trust. The little things in a relationship can be the difference between raving fan and transient customer.

We may not do it on purpose but these little behaviours are like death by a thousand cuts until eventually the customer has enough and moves on.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Turn up on time to meetings. (my pet hate)
  • When you say you are going to call tomorrow, call tomorrow.
  • Customers will have issues, listen and resolve them.
  • If asked to do something that you can’t do, don’t lie and say you can.
  • Always advise your customer of their best option, not yours.

Look after the little things and trust will come with it. It is a long game, but the reward is worth it.

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