#0030 What IF you only had 1 hour PER DAY?

Most people today are RUNNING their business all day every day.

“If I’m not here NOTHING gets done” I hear all the time from business Owners.

But WHAT IF you were (your God forbid) struck down by a bus and could only contribute an hour per day or less?

What would happen, or more importantly, What would FAIL? Would your business keep RUNNING or would you be forced to CLOSE the doors? Would you continue to MAKE money or would you go BANKRUPT?

Not a pleasant thought but these things DO happen.

So what can you do about it:

  1. Don’t be INDISPENSABLE.
  2. Don’t be the BOTTLENECK in the decision making process.
  3. Employ good people and DELGATE (a lot)
  4. Make a list of things only¬†YOU can do and start showing others ‘how to’.
  5. Create great PROCESSES that monkeys could follow (look at McDonalds, runs like clockwork by teenagers)
  6. Design and build a Business that runs WITHOUT you.
  7. Model your business so that it is PROFITABLE without you having to work and draw a wage.
  8. START to make these changes today and work toward the Holy Grail.

NOW, be careful when crossing the road and don’t get hit by a BUS, instead, take that well deserved HOLIDAY with all that new found FREEDOM.

How much TIME are you really NEEDED every day?

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  1. I was running a Food take away, and I did all the don’t do’s you mentioned above, as a result, the business was me or nothing. My problem being I could not find any good people, could not train and was indispensable.
    The result – I closed it down in February, it got too much for me alone. I would have tried to turn it around and do all that you’ve mentioned had I been enjoying it, but I realised I didnt enjoy the business. So now going to soon start a new project I am passionate about, keeping all your tips in mind. Thank you for your tips, they are real helpful.

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